Welcome to Lakehead Public Schools’ Special Education Program.

At Lakehead Public Schools, we strive to provide every child with the opportunities they need to succeed. We recognizes that every student is unique and that every student’s own interests, abilities, and goals will help them achieve success. At Lakehead Public Schools, we are committed to the success of every student. You belong here!

The following schools offer the Special Education Program.

  • Algonquin Avenue Public School – Special Needs/Multi-needs
  • Vance Chapman Public School – Special Needs
  • Westmount Public School – Special Needs/Multi-needs
  • Hammarskjold High School – Special Needs/Multi-needs & Pre-workplace Program
  • Westgate CVI – Special Needs/Multi-needs & Pre-workplace Program
  • Superior CVI – Pre-workplace Placement

To view the locations of our schools or visit the schools’ websites, visit

Top view of students
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